Pillow Protector

CleanRest’s Envelope Style Pillow Protector helps to provide protection against harmful allergens, dust mites and wetness by utilising a breathable and patented MicronOne luxury fabric. Dust mites and allergens have been known to create havoc in the respiratory system throughout the night, resulting in a less than optimal breathing environment and loss of sleep – making this pillow protector a smart choice when seeking to improve your guests sleep hygiene. Best of all, the Envelope Style Pillow Protector is easy to install and easy to remove for machine washing.


  • 10-Year commercial warranty.
  • Patented MicronOne fabric technology with MicroLuxe top fabric.
  • Provides allergen and dust mite protection.
  • Soft, quiet and breathable fabric.


Protect your pillow from normal wear and tear, and protect your guests from allergic reactions caused by dust mites. The CleanRest pillow protector is machine washable, breathable, water resistant and hypoallergenic.

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